We deliver efficiencies, cost control and better processes for day-to-day content production projects across all media types:  video, digital, social, print, experiential, and emerging VR, AR, AI technology.

  • Production Landscape. We provide marketers a birds-eye view across brands, agencies, vendors and geographies to identify cost and process efficiencies, and bundling or repurposing opportunities. 

  • Marketing Investment. We benchmark and evaluate every detail of production estimates to insure a marketer’s investment is appropriate, while preserving the integrity of the creative idea.

  • We coach and guide marketers to ask the right questions of their agency and production partners.

  • Best Practices, Bid Rigor and Guidelines. We customize production guidelines to memorialize best practices throughout the process.


As more clients take control of their own content production, we’re here to set-up, advise and actively manage the centralization, while acting as your production concierge. 

  • We help marketers assess their readiness for direct management of production rosters.

  • We design and manage RFP programs to select and negotiate rates for decoupled or preferred vendors.

  • We help marketers achieve transparency in their production bidding process.

  • We are your Executive Producer, allowing you the flexibility to produce content with the right partners for the right work and help mitigate risks in usage rights and production insurance, so that you’re protected.  

  • We advise and actively negotiate licensed music, talent, models, influencers and celebrities.


Marketing content today is generated from a host of sources – traditional agencies, in-house studios, crowd sourcing,publishers, media partners, etc.  We help clients design the right customized content production strategy & ecosystem.

  • We provide a range of audit services to assess a client’s current processes, operations and production investment; and offer recommendations for improvement.

  • We help marketers define the right production partner for the right job.

  • We assist marketers in setting up in-house studios and processes that match the client’s operational capability.