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We are a production optimization consultancy, overseeing nearly $1 Billion of annual production spend for 300+ brands across 20+ countries. We have the widest scope of expertise covering all media types: Digital, Social, Mobile, Experiential & Events, Gaming, Long-Form Video, Print & TVC’s. At APR, we innovate, evolve & optimize content production for the continued success of marketers in a rapidly changing & non-transparent landscape.

APR is helping marketers face the following challenges:

  • Content scale, production speed and content platforms are on the rise
  • Changing technologies are making it difficult to keep pace
  • Transparency issues are increasing across the entire production ecosystem
  • Traditional production models are now outdated & marketers are producing more of their own content
APR supports marketers to minimize modern production challenges and maximize marketing content ROI by improving:
We help clients to achieve efficiencies of 8-23% ongoing to allow marketers to fund additional content innovation.


On average, we deliver an ROI of 2-5x our fee.
APR helps our clients produce world-class creative. Our experts have an average 20+ years of production-side experience and leverage that expertise to help your creative production partners work better together producing the best quality work. Collaboration is how we make it possible.
Our Code of Conduct

APR is the only non-bribery accredited production consultancy, adhering to a strict Code of Conduct including:

  1. No Conflict of Interest
  2. Vendor Agnostic
  3. Transparency & Objectivity
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Validation & Secure Data