A holistic approach.

We optimize your productions and the systems that surround them.

APR helps International brands identify cost efficiencies and implement the latest processes & best practices to create the greatest possible value across the entire spectrum of their advertising  production spend.

"APR’s comprehensive approach to production consulting makes them invaluable."

Sr. Marcom Manager
Global Software Corporation

Production Consulting

Time, money and creativity: driving the highest value from every production.

At APR, we work across all media, from TV to print to digital, optimizing every step of the production process. Our focus allows us to preserve your creative idea while guiding you to the best possible cost and timeline efficiencies.


  1. Disciplined production process.  We design, manage and instill discipline throughout your production process. This ensures maximum savings and effectiveness while delivering the ideal creative output.
  2. Digital expertise.  Our digital experts have years of firsthand experience in production, design, social media, mobile, software development; and use it to bring order, transparency and efficiency to the evolving world of digital production.
  3. Cost and risk management.  We outline potential costs before they occur. And we guide you on timely decisions that balance cost and risk with your goals and benchmarks.
  4. Leverage creative assets and content.  We save money and time by identifying and coordinating the re-use of existing creative content across multiple media platforms and agencies.
  5. Talent and music rights. We help you navigate the intricacies of talent and music licensing, from simple audits to complicated negotiations.

Innovation is built into the DNA of APR. They bring passion and vision to us as a client and keep us focused.

Senior Director of Creative & Advertising Production
Global Retailer


We save money inside your productions by working outside of them.

We leverage our industry experience and our continuous innovation to instill best practices, develop new approaches and create exponential savings for you. This is how we impact your entire production culture—not just individual productions, but the collective systems and processes that feed into every one of them.

  1. Production audits.  Our in-depth audits of historical production processes, financial expenditures and talent arrangements help you optimize all aspects of production.
  2. Marketing supply chain management.  We identify synergies and savings throughout marketing operations and production-related activities across brands, divisions or even external agencies.
  3. Preferred vendor programs. We leverage your economies of scale to help you consolidate production vendors and external partners—ensuring optimal quality and transparency while negotiating far lower prices.
  4. Digital asset management.  From simple stock images to complex marketing asset libraries, we offer unbiased views to identify the best solutions. What’s more, we can also spearhead the practical implementation of these solutions. 
  5. Process and workflow improvements.  We review every element of the production process—from communication to financial controls—to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

APR has not only been instrumental, but critical to helping us ensure alignment and integration across complicated productions with multiple agency partners.

Director, Consumer Advertising
International Telecommunications Company


We turn productions into data. Which we then turn into better productions.

Every production is a source of valuable business intelligence. We provide you the tools to measure them, and the systems to turn those metrics into insights.

We collect hundreds of datapoints from every aspect of every production. We mine that data using our proprietary reporting system to obtain a far deeper understanding of your productions, which we apply to drive significant savings and process improvements.

  1. Proprietary data systems. We mine data from each of the thousands of jobs we execute every year. This intelligence helps us optimize individual client processes—and uncover industry-wide intelligence that benefits all of our clients.
  2. Progress and summary reports. We deliver timely status updates during production jobs. And our quarterly and annual reports showcase all the savings, initiatives and outcomes we helped you achieve.
  3. Budget tracking, invoice review and job reconciliation.  We manage your budget as if it were our own, offering you an understanding of the value of your investment as well as an in-depth portrait of where your money is going.
  4. Analysis, benchmarks and future job forecasts. We provide data comparisons and industry benchmarks across numerous variables (including cost per spot, cost by agency, cost by production vendor, cost drivers and many others) to uncover synergy opportunities.  What’s more, we utilize our database to help you budget future jobs with greater accuracy.

I found the APR training so helpful in understanding the whole production process… I can honestly say it was the best training class I’ve had.

Assoc. Brand Manager
Global Snack-Food Company


Optimizing the most important part of your process: your people.

No system or technology can drive results better than a well-trained group of people working in concert with each other. We keep your people performing at the top of their abilities.

We help all the people involved in your production processes improve their capabilities—which makes every single production run smoother, and more efficiently.

  1. Seminars and training. We train advertisers, agencies and procurement professionals on a comprehensive host of topics. We’re the official instructor of ad production seminars for the Association of National Advertisers.
  2. Guidelines and customized playbooks. Combining the latest industry knowledge with our cross-client experience, we develop production best practices and customized playbooks that synchronize and streamline your productions.
  3. Agency transition services. We coordinate the exchange of assets, contracts, processes and vendor relationships to rapidly bring your new partners into the fold.


Three distinctive traits. One uniquely holistic approach.

Why do our clients entrust us to oversee more than One Billion USD in production spend every year? Because we combine experience, collaboration and innovation into a holistic approach to production that’s unique in the industry.

One of our clients recently said it best: "What separates APR is your Size, Geographic reach, Industry relationships, Chemistry with clients and your Leadership.". 

We apply everything we know to every one of our clients.


APR’s 100+ team members are all deeply experienced and uniquely specialized. Our production-related expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

When you work with APR, you don’t just work with one of us—you work with all of us.  As a collective, we’ve executed every type of production in nearly every industry and region. And we pride ourselves on how effectively we leverage this collective wisdom to meet and exceed every production challenge you face.

"The consultants that work on our business bring a wealth of production knowledge and experience that is hard to find."

Sr Marcom Manager
Global Software Corporation

We help your team by becoming an integral part of it.


We don’t just work with you—we live and breathe your brands. Our goal is to earn the highest levels of respect and trust from you, your coworkers, your agency partners and anyone else involved in your production process.  

This kind of collaborative partnership gives us a birds-eye view for recommending efficiencies across productions, divisions and external partners. It gives us a level of integration that not only lets us recommend initiatives, but also lets us spearhead them for you. And most importantly, it gives you full confidence that the decisions you make are driving the best possible creative at the lowest possible cost.

APR is able to bring marketing & procurement together, without compromise, by integrating with the key personnel and establishing trust, while adding value.

Senior Director of Procurement
International Beverage Distributor

We pioneered ‘production management’ – and we’re charting new territory every day.


APR and its founder helped pioneer the original industry shift from basic ‘cost consulting’ to advanced ‘production management’. Our spirit of innovation explains why we’re never satisfied with the status quo.

We’re continually improving the discipline and effectiveness of client processes and systems. We’re always adapting best practices from other industries. Most importantly, we’re leading the industry’s utilization of data and analysis—reaching far deeper levels of insight that drive far higher levels of efficiency than ever before.

The potential value of the APR team is the most exciting development in our industry in the last 20 years.

Principal Owner
Interactive Production Company


Confidence, transparency and savings: APR’s results go far beyond basic cost consulting.

Just as the world of media has fragmented, so too has the world of production. Without the right partner, your productions can quickly get off track—especially if they span multiple media platforms and multiple vendors.

But not when you work with APR. We bring discipline to every production in any medium. And we deliver results that go far beyond cost control. With APR, you gain:

  • Confidence that your production decisions are the right ones.

  • Transparency into every aspect of every job.

  • Savings that lower costs, optimize time and fully realize your creative vision.


  • Microsoft
  • Chrysler
  • Walmart
  • Verizon
  • PepsiCo
  • L'Oreal
  • ExxonMobil
  • Absolut
  • Hershey
  • MolsonCoors
  • Pizza Hut
  • Hennessy
  • Danone
  • Constellation Brands
  • WhiteWave Foods
  • And More...

"APR 'gets it'! They know when to push and when to advise and allow the client to make their own decisions."

Senior Director of Procurement
International Beverage Distributor

APR has been an invaluable asset and have made for the most efficient productions.

Director of National Advertising
Global QSR Company


Imagine every production having a predictable outcome.
It’s your reputation on the line—to say nothing of your blood pressure. We know we’re doing our job right when you’re not worried about either of them.

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We take your productions and flood them with sunlight.
We remove the mystery from the production process by providing expert insight that’s backed up with cold, hard numbers.

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We look for savings—and for transformations.
Our clients see significant cost savings on every individual production we work on.  Even more, they see exponential savings across all productions when we’re integrated as a full-service partner.

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"APR has industry experts that have experience coming from all sides of the table, from Agencies to Production Companies & the Client side." - Senior Director of Procurement, International Beverage Distributor

"Everyone we have worked with at APR has been extremely collaborative, professional and knowledgeable. They take the time to understand your individual business needs and tailor their services accordingly. Truly a great group of people." - Director of National Advertising, Global QSR Company

"It was such a pleasure to be in a room with people who have a deep understanding of the production process. The questions asked were smart and relevant. Ok…now I understand that the term Cost Consultant is in no way relevant to APR." - Founder, Film Production Firm

"Thanks again for all your help! I can’t say enough about how APR has been an invaluable resource on this project. I feel very fortunate to have you guys on the team!" - Manager, Ad Production, Global Food & Beverage Corporation

"Big thanks to all. I love the APR leadership on this, we really got the sense of our strong partnership with you." - General Manager, Global Software Corporation

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110+ people. 23 cities. 1 goal: solving your production challenges.

Meet the APR professionals who save you money, integrate with your team and give you the confidence that you’re making the right production decisions—every time.

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