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What We Do
We continually evolve and innovate our services to support our client’s needs and the changing landscape in the advertising and marketing industries. 
APR creates integrated, collaborative & optimal production ecosystems for our clients.
We cover all media types:
  • Experiential: Events, experiences, trade shows & xr
  • Digital: websites, social, apps, mobile & gaming
  • Traditional: commercials, video, films, audio, photography, print & OOH
Our subject matter experts have an average of 20+ years’ experience.
We support marketers & their agencies through our ‘global campus’ training programs:
  • Onboarding
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Lunch & Learns
  • On-Set Coaching & Training
  • Monthly Newsletters
Accurate data capture & reporting coupled with local & global insights has always been at the heart of APR’s service.
Our data standardization & reporting supports brand strategic decision ­making and continual process improvement. Our reporting includes:
  • Benchmarks & Trends from The APR Index™
  • Cost Optimizers and Drivers in a heat map format via The AdPro Scorecard®
  • Project Summary, Quarterly & Annual Stewardship Reports
We have reporting technology tools that continue
to evolve the production process into a streamlined and fully transparent system.
We support marketers taking more control over their content production processes:
  • Decoupling
  • Bid Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Tax Credits & Incentives
  • Invoice Management
  • Production Concierge™
  • DAM Librarian
  • Talent Negotiations & Music Licensing
We undertake programs to create greater efficiencies & effectiveness across your entire production ecosystem & supply chain to help you get the most from your productions.
  • Production Audits
  • Preferred Vendor Rosters
  • Centralization & Consolidation
  • Supply Chain Initiatives
  • DAM Optimization
  • Content Production Strategy
What’s new & in demand at APR
Production Optimization
Clients are bringing us in to optimize their internal & external creative resources across their entire production ecosystem for maximum results – modernizing their approach, introducing the right technologies & best practices around managing their assets & implementation of change management etc.
In-house Production Operations

APR’s clients have increasingly been requesting our help in maximizing the use of their production resources & overseeing all process, admin, and reporting of the content they are producing internally & externally. APR can embed a well-qualified and fully-trained Production Operations Manager or ‘Production Concierge™’ (as we affectionately call them).

Decoupling Support

Marketers are increasingly exploring different decoupling programs to optimize their production needs. APR has been busy supporting clients to undertake decoupling across: 1. Primary Production, 2. Post Production, 3. Transcreation & Adaptation, 4. Financial.

APR Global Campus
Customized APR Seminars
APR provides customized, on-site seminars to companies and organizations interested in educating their advertising, marketing and procurement teams. Choose from the topics below to customize a seminar to best suit your needs.
Please contact us for pricing and further information. Please note that our seminars are available for advertisers, agencies, and industry associations.
List of Seminars:
Please click on a seminar title to learn more
Industry Trends Overview
30 minutes – 90 minutes
Production Incentives
45 minutes
Re-Purposing Content Across Media
45 minutes – 1 hour
Technology & Marketing
30 minutes – 2 hours
Digital Production
Approximately one full day OR customized per modules below