Sharon Groh

Bend, Oregon


Sharon comes to APR with over 35 years of experience in Advertising and Commercial Production.  She started as a print and broadcast producer at an award-winning agency in her home town of Chicago and quickly transitioned into the role of commercial line producer — eventually moving to Los Angeles.  Sharon’s role as a producer has always involved being the diplomat, teacher and “den mother” —connecting client, agency and production company while generating long lasting relationships with them and the crews and vendors that help to make a successful production happen.

 Sharon has enjoyed producing not only in North America, but all over the globe.  She has worked on productions large and small, for broadcast and digital and from conception through deliverables — working with “real” people and celebrity talent and athletes.  She has also worked as a bidder and executive producer.  When she started, production assistants were sent with a notebook and a roll of quarters to a payphone and video assist was black and white (if at all) — so she has seen and grown up with the changes in commercial production and the knowledge that has come along with it.

 12 years ago, Sharon and her husband moved to Bend, Oregon (despite the apartment she keeps in Hollywood) to raise their two, now adult sons.  When she can break away from her computer, she enjoys all the outdoor activities Bend has to offer and still finds time to serve on the 4-person board of a local non-profit The Good Thought Good Action Foundation, which provides training and college assistance scholarships to kids in non-traditional sports.