Sarah Wadey

Video SME


Based in London, Sarah brings over 20 years of producer experience to APR.

Her freelance background in television commercial production spans live action and special effects shoots for award-winning London production companies, such as Snapper Films, Rose Hackney Barber, Brave, Pink, Therapy and Wanted Films. She also produced numerous 2d and CGI spots for animation studios such as HRA, HR3d and Not to Scale.

Sarah worked as a freelance senior producer for creative broadcast agencies, including BBC Creative, Red Bee Media, BBC Broadcast, UKTV, Channel 5 Creative and MTV Creative. Working with in-house creative teams, or creatives at roster advertising agencies, and often managing creative and production teams across multiple campaigns, Sarah ran end-to-end production of ATL and TTL integrated ‘high priority’ promotional campaigns and tv commercials. Partnering with external UK and foreign production companies, or producing films in-house.

She has also produced global channel and network re-brands.