Take the Pledge to #FreeTheBid

Take the Pledge to #FreeTheBid

We are so excited to hear about the new #FreeTheBid campaign to give women directors an equal opportunity to bid on TV commercials and social videos in the US. This is important because less than 7% of directors are women and less than 11% of creative directors at ad agencies are women. When considering that women make up 85% of purchasing decisions in the U.S. there is an obvious disconnect.

So what can you do?
Take the Pledge!
To include at least one woman director every time you triple bid a video production

Remember, embracing diversity and inclusion isn’t about fulfilling a quota; it’s about doing the right thing for the creative while considering other non-traditional options. Most creative teams default to the typical pool of directors who produce 95% of the work but by choosing to include women and other under-represented populations among the directors in your bid process, your creative, your brand and your business will be benefit.

As a woman owned business, APR embraces diversity across all aspects of our business, from the people we hire, the clients we serve and the suppliers we work alongside. Diversity is in our DNA and that’s why APR is taking the pledge to #FreeTheBid, and many of our clients are as well. We believe that by taking the pledge together, we can help turn the tide to ensure more diversity in the commercial production landscape.

Click Here to view the full list of Female Directors who have signed on the #FreeTheBid

For more information about diversity initiatives in your production supply chain, please contact APR’s Diversity Specialist, Jeri Vaughn atjvaughn@aprco.com

-Jillian Gibbs, Founder & Global CEO