Content Production Strategy Blog Series: Taking The Lead (Part 2 of 4)


It is imperative that Marketing Leaders understand their role in driving change towards a new content production strategy. To succeed in the face of today’s content production needs, marketers need to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the skillset needed for a marketing team to work in this new way?

  2. How should Marketers organize their teams internally to work differently?

  3. How deep is Sr. Marketing involved in the new Production Models?

  4. What expectations should Marketers place on their agency partners?

  5. How can a marketer plan for a more integrated production to create assets for multiple platforms?

Furthermore, marketers must be creative when determining the right budget and what content to produce. Today’s CMOs and their teams must be more than just creative thinkers. They also must be technology driven with a keen understanding of 3D, 360, VR and AR production applications and how to use them effectively according to evolving best practices.

A good content production strategy is knowing if/when to decouple production, how to use emerging production technologies and when to develop alternative approaches to achieve content goals without compromising existing budgets or quality. For example, it’s knowing when to bring something in house vs. when to use your creative agencies or a direct creative partner.

To achieve the evolution of production models, all stakeholders should be nudged into thinking differently. Often it’s the partners within the supply chain that marketers must ask to change or to work differently to be successful. If that doesn’t work, then new partners and new companies should be introduced to change the patterns. Bringing marketing and procurement together to work in synergy to address the contracts, process changes, partnerships and business affairs involved to define and develop new production models can help this innovation to come together.

In our next blog (Part 3 in this series) we’ll dive into the most common working to non-working budget allocations and discuss how you can be sure to budget so that your creative thinking can thrive within your current budgetary restraints.

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