Marielle Elis

Video SME
Paris, FRA


Marielle began her career in advertising production working for various production companies (Bac Films Pub, Wanda, Les Fils De). She furthered her work in the creative field as an agency producer working alongside great creative directors such as Christian Reuilly (Ogilvy), Bruno Moreira (Cheil), Laure Ferry-Sauvaire (Publicis) and Michèle Cohen (Betc). In 2014, she created with Solène Frank « La Belle Façon ». Today, Marielle aims to assist brands produce ambitious campaigns.

Her three-fold knowledge & experience in communication agencies and production houses as well as her rich artistic background makes her an expert in the world of imagery and visual communication. Furthermore, Marielle’s life experience and knowledge of the English language allow her to represent clients on the international market as well as in print, TV or digital campaigns.