Luke Beauchamp

Managing Director
London, UK


Based in London with over 25 years’ experience in the Industry, Luke has been fortunate to be involved with many of the greatest talents in the worldwide advertising community. The experience of producing award-winning commercials, broadcast TV, and live events continues to fuel his curiosity into new technologies and processes. This has led him to become one of the few producers in London to have produced Stereoscopic and Holographic content.

As a keen supporter of the Advertising Producers Association in the UK, he has, for many years, been part of the leadership team devising courses and teaching the Producers of the future through the APA Masterclass programme. Luke has also been invited to speak as a representative of the UK production industry (via the APA) in Japan, China, and India. As a people person, Luke enjoys nothing more than bringing people together to get the best possible results.