Lucy Sherwood

Video SME
London, UK


Lucy Sherwood has worked in Commercial Film Production for over 25 years. She began as a runner and researcher at Spots before becoming a freelance production manager. Then worked with, amongst others, for 3 years with Daniel Barber and a further 2 years with Frank Budgen on technically and creatively ambitious jobs, and making award-winning commercials. As a freelance producer, her directors include; Nick Gordon, Jim Gilchirst, Ivan Zacharias and James Griffiths. in 2002, after making a music video for The Prodigy with Traktor, she went on to produce their TV commercials for 2 years..

Staying freelance, she spent 3 years at RSA with Dawn Shadforth working on big campaigns such as Lux, H&M and three M&S Christmas campaigns. Then she joined Rattling Stick where she teamed up with Ivan Bird, and worked primarily on campaigns for Sky, often featuring celebrities including David Beckham, Kate Winslett, and Idris Elba. Before joining APR, Lucy’s last productions were at Gorgeous where she worked on two spots with by Chris Palmer.

She has presented an APA production masterclass about a creative and successful Christmas M&S commercial, and also volunteered at their workshops.