Kolby Slocum

New York, NY


Kolby is an accomplished executive producer who has spent his career telling compelling stories that connect with target audiences and get results for global brands and top agencies. His well-rounded background in film, live television, and digital content strategy enables him to understand client needs, generate big ideas, lead effective production teams, and always deliver, regardless of budget or timeline.  Since 2010, he has helped agencies including VML, Story Worldwide, Tribal, and FCB navigate the convergence of traditional and digital production while building the teams and infrastructure to support it. He is an award-winning creative content producer equally comfortable producing broadcast, digital, live event, and experiential solutions that drive client retention, revenue, and customer engagement across multiple channels.

As a leader, he focuses on providing the knowledge, tools, and opportunities for his teams to develop valuable skills and the confidence that ensures their growth and happiness. He also has a unique ability to take the most complex multi-channel initiatives and break them down into manageable projects.

Kolby’s journey started at NYU where he honed his storytelling skills and cinematic aesthetic and was awarded the Lew Wasserman MCA Fellowship. After a brief stint in development and music video production at Universal Studios in L.A., he worked as a live broadcast director for Cablevision in New York. This pivotal role introduced him to the world of end-to-end production, shoestring budgets, and split-second decision making that would ultimately define his future success.

Since then, he has taken on multiple agency leadership roles that leverage his creative, production, and operations skills, and embrace his passion for developing strategy, projects, and people.