Jane Gershfield

Brand Executive Producer
London, UK


In March 2018, Jane joined APR, taking on the role of Brand Executive Producer. Having studied Law at Cambridge University, Jane started her career as a producer at the Moving Picture Company in Soho, London. It was there she met special effects director, Peter Truckel, with whom she then enjoyed a partnership spanning over 20 years. Jane produced for Peter at MPC, Gower Truckel Willcox, and Jennie and Co before they launched their own production company, Big Bang, which they ran for over 15 years. In that time they worked all over the world, creating films and campaigns for dozens of major brands, including Panasonic, Disney, Sky, McDonald’s, BT, Nestle, Renault, Kellogg’s and Cadbury. In November 2012 Jane was invited by Laura Gregory to join the Global Production Company, Great Guns, as Senior Executive Producer, a position she held for the next two years.

Jane is experienced in most aspects of media ,film production and post-production techniques.The last few years have seen Jane working directly for clients as a production consultant, through Claire Randall Ltd as Managing Director and Euro TV as Head of European affairs and more recently at MCA as Client Services Director.