Ella Sanderson

Video SME
London, UK


After retiring from her position as a Hang Gliding Instructor, Ella cut her teeth in production by becoming the Studio Manager for a film/stills studio where she managed the photographic retouching department and the studio rental. Settling on a career in film and advertising production, she was a leading Producer for the multi-award-winning Partizan production house for over 15 years. In that time, she worked with some of the industry's most notable directors, including Stephen Frears, Michael Gracey, Nima Nourizaheh, Sandra Goldbacher and Tom Hooper.

Ella has worked on award-winning, high production value commercials through to low budget content, short films, documentaries and music promos as well as producing groundbreaking work outside traditional advertising. Ella is delighted to be joining the team at APR and sharing her budgetary discipline and industry insight.