Allison Diliberto

Digital Subject Matter Expert
New Jersey, USA


With 18 years' experience working in the digital media universe, Allison has held several roles, first starting out as a graphic designer and front-end developer, leading into the past 10 years where she has been a digital media producer. Her industry experience includes working on both the client and agency side, spanning across several industry verticals that include Technology, Global Business, Consumer Brands, e-Commerce, Pharmaceutical, Health & Wellness, Energy Solutions, Entertainment, Sports, Education, and Non-Profit.

Over the course of her career thus far, Allison has gained a complete and advanced understanding of the full life-cycle entailed to produce and deliver a wide range of engaging multi-media projects, which include websites; interactive applications for web, desktop, touchscreen, tablet & mobile; online publications; CMS applications; SEO/SEM; analytics; branding; print & online B2B/B2C marketing & advertising communications; corporate communications; and social media marketing campaigns.

Allison thrives in diverse and changing environments while remaining focused & pragmatic. Her passion for innovative ideas, creative problem solving, and strategic thinking have provided for her a fundamental understanding of the processes, tangibles and intangibles necessary to achieve that which reaches beyond desired creative and strategic goals.

In her free time, Allison is dedicated to practicing yoga and mindful meditation daily. Additionally, she also loves skiing, swimming, playing golf, and just about any activity that brings her outdoors.