Code of Conduct


When it comes to transparency, collaboration, and dedication, APR adheres to a strict code of conduct to guide interactions with our clients and partners.

Code of Conduct

APR recognizes the importance of assuring that our clients’ trust in us is justified. Accordingly, APR and our associates adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

  1. It is our policy to avoid conflicts of interest of any kind in dealings on behalf of our clients. We believe that any form of referral, commission, gratuity or business transaction with any third party entity in the production supply chain associated with any of APR’s clients can contain an inherent conflict of interest. It is against company policy to offer, receive, request, or pay anything of value in order to induce or reward refer-rals of business.
  2. We are vendor agnostic. This means that any recommendation of a vendor or service provider to an APR client is entirely and exclusively based on APR’s objective and independent judgment that said vendor provides the best quality and value for that client.
  3. We believe that transparency and objectivity are core values that should be observed in the production process and throughout the marketing supply chain. While we are an advocate for our client’s interests, that advocacy should not extend to endorsement of inappropriate, unlawful, or predatory business practices.
  4. We also recognize that agencies and vendors are entitled to, and require, an appropriate level of privacy as well. We acknowledge that some of the information that we access to do our jobs may be proprietary and /or confidential and we handle that information with care and discretion, and remain mindful of our obligation to keep certain information confidential.

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